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In Europe most people think that their future is written on a piece of paper that appears in the weekly gossip magazine, we call: Zodiac Signs. Probably if we lived in China and our personality our future would be determined by the theory of the five elements ,in this culture think the personality and body of each is made of this five.

Now I want to find similarities between my zodiac sign: Gemini and the component that determines my life: Fire. Geminis are looking to live life intensely, trying to learn from each new person or circumstance we find on the road day by day. Geminis are dreamers, restless, we like to meet all cultures and countries of the world .

In Chinese culture,the fire element identifies people, unpredictable, with strong opinions and risk takers.

At the end, after reading the different personalities, I think the Chinese theory defines very generic forms of the European people. The zodiac signs are more related to the seasons and the months especially. Also our mood is determined by the temperature and the amount of sunlight are reciving, greatly in mediterranean countries and , any theory talks about it.

Maria Jose

My horoscope is cancer. People born under the sign of cancer are shy and introvert. They need the sympathy and charity from others. They choose their friends with a big dose of sensibility but whenever they get along with someone they show themselves as demanding and exigent.

Cancer people are persons you can trust because of their discretion in things they do and their prudence.

Cancer is very sensitive and vulnerable even though they seem to be very strong. They tend to be sentimental and emotional. They usually like helping others. Women cancer love to be mothers and have a deep feeling of giving protection to others although their main default is they are possessive and jealous. 

Cancer people represent sensibility, maternity, sympathy and tenacity. They love their home. It is said that they are under influence of the moon and have contradictory trends which explains their different vocations. They can be good poets, artists, nurses, etc

In the Nature, their sing is water which would explain their tenacity to reach their goals,  the same way that water erodes gradually the strongest rocks so that the rock is destroyed at the end.

Compared with the chinese horoscope, I would say that I have a little bit of different elements. I'm Wood because I'm happy to help others, I also have something of Earth because I'm easygoing, protective and rarely lost my temper and as the same time my dominant element could be also Water because I tend to be peaceful and introspective, I value my privacy and rarely share my thoughts and feelings with others.


In Europe is very common to find your horoscope in magazines and newspapers. Only with your date of birth you can know how your personality is, if you don’t know it yet. However, Japanese culture uses a very different form for us: Our blood types. They do believe that this system can describe much better your personality than our traditional horoscope. In my case, my zodiac sign and my blood type are very similar, but others won’t be.

According to both of them, I’m an organized and patient person. Also I can be a little obsessive with cleaning and perfection. About my worst traits, they say is not easy for me to share my feelings with people around me. Even so, my blood type says things which aren’t mention in my horoscope and backwards. For example, my zodiac says I can be a creative person since my sensitivity, but not my blood type. For these reasons, there is only a good way to know how your personality is: Just be yourself.

I was born the eighteen of january, my sign is capricorn. In relation to the five elements, the element that is more near to me is the Earth element. Now I describe that They say about the personality.

The first one, the capricorns according to many webs, They are go-getter and ambitius people, they are practicals, calms and the have good mood but they are sometimes shy and introspective. In their jobs they are very responsibles, professionals, but they are hotheads with a hard situation. Sometimes these people are a bit selfish with others. They demand very much from others and themselves They are hard workers and They try to do his job until The finish it. They are sincere and respect with the autority, they are very organizated and disciplined. The second one, the Earth element describe this persons how an easygoing, nurturing person. Person that think in others, the like to collect and is very difficult that they change his minds.  

Finally I think that I have things from both astrology signs. Capricorn sign is more like me. I think I am systematic, hothead, and disciplined, too I have good mood because I laugh a lot. From the earth element I like to collect comics, books, cds. I don´t have sons but with my nieces I am overprotective. I am a bit stubborn because it´s difficult to me sometimes change my thinking.

If I compare the characteristics that define the sign of Taurus and those which define the element of Earth, I think both could fit me but I feel more identified with Taurus sign.

If I search the internet looking for the main characteristics of Taurus, as a horoscope sign, words like practical, strongwilled, calm, tradition, stability, constant will appear in most of the web sites. When I think of me, and try to summarize my own personality, all these words could be included. In the other hand, as negative aspects of personality, I could find words like stubborn, proud, jealous, lazy, etc. All right, I must admit, they also fit with my personality. But I try to see them from a positive point of view. Even the color assigned to Taurus is my favorite color, blue.

Also, I if search the internet looking for some characteristics of the Earth element, I could find words like stability, family, security. They are very similar to those related with Taurus sign. Then, Earth element also fits my personality. But one thing of Earth doesn´t fit me, the yellow color. Definitively it´s not my favorite color.

Perhaps I´m more used to the Horoscope Signs because I´ve heard about them all my life. The Five Elements are part of the Chinese Tradition and they aren´t kown in Spain as the Horoscope Signs. So this might be the reason why I fell more identified with Taurus Sign than with Earth Element.

Long time ago I red my horoscope’s description at the “Red Book of the Horoscopes”. I remember that the Aries woman was described as Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone with the win” when she gets up her right arm saying “I swear that I will never be hungry again”. I felt very well identified with the comparison, since when I have in mind something I work with all my resources to get it.

Aries women are described as adventurous and energetic, pioneering and brave, and often demonstrate enthusiasm for things. They are impulsive and sometimes have little patience. They also like to give its support to a good cause, and they don’t support tyrants. I feel completely identified with this description, even if over the years, I lost a little of this passion spirit and I have won some relax.

Concerning the Five Elements of the Chinese culture I can find a little of me in each element but no one fixes me entirely. According to the description above the element fixing me the best would be Fire, describing as optimistic, energetic, risk takers, passionate people who love excitement and change….. However in the test I did, the element I got was Metal, where I can find some similarities when saying “… work better in disciplined, organised environments..” and I can also find something fixing not at all my character, for example when saying : “…prefer simplicity in their surroundings…” given that I like to have my things (many) with me.


Beach and mountain

I like both. I think each one has a especial side and we can enjoy them in a different ways. In the first time, at the beach we have:  good weather, we can stay lied under the sun, we can play different sports like voleyball, football or wáter sports. Also you can relax and enjoy on a boat. Also you can drink tropical juice or cocktail on the pool or near the beach. And you can bread this especial fragance from the ocean and to listen the surfs.

On the other hand, mountains are more for people who like adventure, extreme sports like skiing, hiking, trekking,..But we can also relax at the mountain, for example when we ski, you can take a coffee or a sweet chocolate between trees and admire the landscape around you. You can also listen the nature around you, maybe birds, bears but those are a little dangereous.

At the end, we see that both have magic things for do it.
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Jose D. - Portfolio

Student Profile:
What you do: Now I am looking for a job.
Where you have studied English: I studied English in my school, in a academy.
What your Hobbies are: My hobbies are going cinema, reading books and comics, playing video games. What inspires you: A good song inspires me, my family also inspire me
Something that is unique about you: Despite being a men I can do a lot of thing at the same time

My Boss' Personality 11/13/12
I have had many bosses, but I remember the first that I had. I was working in Iberia in human resources. When I knew him I think He was very serious, but when I Knew better him I noticed that He was very extrovert and funny.

Although He was a night owl and a heartbreaker He was very responsable. When We were working he tried that We worked united, He was a team player. When You had a mistake He was sincere and motivated he talked with us. He was very energetic and he encouraged us. Finally I think that although He had faults but he was the best boss that I had.

How has Techonology Changed the World 11/9/12
In the last twenty years, the tecnology has created a big change in the society, in some cases it has make better and in other it has worsened.
The use and the accessibility from this tecnology has change a lot in the last years.
  The tecnological more important has been clearly Internet. This has change the comunication and the society forever. It allow us to talk with
persons that they were too far, you could know a lot of people around the world, you can know a notice that it happens in another part of the
world far from where you live. There have been new movements of the people through internet that have created strikes, manifestation. The mail, the
social networks, the skype, they are a new ways of comunication. Other important thing is the archieve transfer, the legal and the ilegal tranfer has change
the society. In the work you can send to other partners necesary documents to work, this make better the work and the efficacy. The ilegal transfer has
worsened the culture because anybody go to cinema, buy books or cds and this in the future will change the culture. Now in Internet the possibilities
are infinite, you can watch the Tv, read a book, talk with other person, play a videogame with a person that is in another country or continent.
  The second thing that I think thas is very important is the mobile phone. Although fifteen years ago We didn´t have any mobile phone and We didn´t need
it, now We can live without a cellular. This make life easier and some moments is very neccesary. Now with your mobile phone you can make a lot of things
you can send emails, watch Tv, internet. Other tecnology things are the electric cars, the mp3 player, the ebooks, this things also are changing the society
and the story. Finally I think the tecnology has helped rather the society but it has created a great dependence that is very dangerous for the children and in
the future I think We will be more impersonal and introvert persons.

Ten Things I Can't Live without

Refrigerator: I think this is the most important appliance because It save the food and maintain in a good state.
Oven: It is very necessary to make the food
Washer: I need it to keep clean my clothes
Computer: It is very useful for me because I use it to find a job, to work, to play videogames and I download movies or series.
Mobile phone: I use it to comunicate with my family and my friends, I also use it to find a job.
Media Player: It is a hard disk portable, When I download movies or series I copy them in the Media Player and I can see them in my TV
TV: I don´t see the public o private programmes except the soccer or basketball matches because I prefer see my movies or series
Stereo: Although I listen music in my computer or in my mobile phone, I relax in my room listenig to music and reading a book or a comic
Iron: I don´t iron very often, but I think it´s important that the clothes seem arranged
Dishwasher: It is vey comfortable, but I think that is not very necessary because You can wash the dishes manually.

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My Boss'/Teacher's Personality

The best teacher I ever had was my teacher of Chemistry at the high school. If I think about it he had most of the principal characteristics a good teacher must have, in my opinion.

He taught us the effort culture. Every day we had a little exam. We had to answer in 5 to 10 minutes short questions about chemical formulation. So you had to study every day the chemical elements table and the new lessons learnt that day. Then, when the principal exam came, you realized that you almost had studied it yet.

He taught us how to work as a team. He introduced us into the laboratory job. Every member of the team had his own tasks. Therefore, if one member not finished his duties the experiment didn´t work. It was frustrating seeing the other groups with their experiments working, so you tried hard until you succeed.

He taught us always with a great sense of humor. I still can remember his particular chemical elements table with all the names of the elements switch into jokes. When you had doubts about some elements names you always remembered one of that jokes and the correct name came to our minds.

The following teachers that I had couldn´t reach his level any more. So I can say that all knowledge of chemistry I have today I owe it to my old teacher.

Jose D. 
I have had many bosses, but I remember the first that I had. I was working in Iberia in human resources. When I knew him I think He was very serious, but when I Knew better him I noticed that He was very extrovert and funny.

Although He was a night owl and a heartbreaker He was very responsable. When We were working he tried that We worked united, He was a team player. When You had a mistake He was sincere and motivated he talked with us. He was very energetic and he encouraged us. Finally I think that although He had faults but he was the best boss that I had.

I have problems with my boss. My boss is a person that he has never worked. He is the nephew of a great business man and he has inherited the company.

Is very difficult to work with my boss because he does not control your work, but requires too much. Work is very individual, does not exist teamwork and a clear programming.

But there is a good part. It's a job that I like and where I work very well and charge every month without exception.

My boss is a little worker, lazy and uncooperative but is very punctual. You cannot always have everything. 


During my degree I have had many differents professors, but if I need to choose one it will be Ángel González.

For me he has an attractive personality because he shows to the class how much he enjoys teaching History of Art. He is a very intelligent person and you can see it when he speaks. He can talk about any topic and not everyone can do that.

Also he has a great sense of humor. He always has something new to tell us about contemporary art but in a very special way. He is absolutely hilarious, like when he tries to explain Expressionism´s Artists as sexual maniacs! Definitely, you pass a good time with him.

Iñigo A. 
I'll never forget the first day I started to work in a multinational Teleco, wanted to be on time to give a good impression so I get to the office at 7.30am, my surprise was that I got to talk to a very friendly guy, he told me he was an early riser, he liked to prepare the meetings of the project before their teammates came. Then I explained that my personality was very punctual, sociable, careful with the goals, and always a good entrepreneur with new projects.

 He said: Ok, it's a little late for me, I welcome the company I'm your new boss. I was about 25 years and I felt very flushed. A couple of years before recalling the story wih my friends, I said it was the best leader I know, I had worked well under stress, was terribly proactive, perfectionist and well educated. He valued people were loyal and efficient employees who knew to do teamwork and trustworthy.

Looking back on my experience always remember him having some beers with all employees on Friday afternoon, with a very easy to communicate all its positivity.

I had dinner with him last Christmas and nothing had changed, hyperactive and fun at the same time.

One of the persons I admire the most is my ex-workmate Beatrice. Now she is retired and I miss her a lot. She is from Switzerland, and as a Swiss clock, she has always been punctual at job. Responsible, efficient and effective, and always open to help others. And the most important: always with a big smile, even if she had a lot of personal problems. A very trustful person you can tell her anything, she always keeps it in a secret.

I remember the day I first met her. I was very young and I had no much work experience. She received me and made me feel as a worthy resource. She explained me everything in details, and at the beginning, when I interrupted her very often to ask something, she had never made an angry face, and I can’t understand how she did it, since I hate to be interrupted when I am doing a concentrating work. At that moment I wished to be like her.

For me, during all these years, she has been an example to follow, and I think today I am a better person for it.

At present I am very lucky since she is one of my best friends.
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