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Improving English Pronunciation Short Vowels Videos

You can improve your English pronunciation with practice. As they say practice makes perfect. These videos from BBC Learn English can help you work on areas of your pronunciation that you may have difficulty with.

Short Vowel A sound as in "cat"
Short Vowel E sound as in "met"
Short Vowel I sound as in "fit"
Short Vowel O sound as in "lot"

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Great Game for Learning American Idioms

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It's Your Choice to Learn English

"Teachers can open the door but it's your choice whether to walk through or not"
You can be in the best English school or academy, you can have a dedicated an talented teacher, but if you are not willing to put your part into learning English there is only little a teacher can do for you.  If you decide to walk through and commit yourself to learning English you will.

When I first went to the university for my Bachelor's Degree I failed to make the transition from High School a system where if you did not do your work you got in trouble with your teachers and your parents.  At the university the teacher's had no time to give consequences for not doing your work, the consequences were a big fat bad grade and then you got called into the Dean's office if you were not keeping the required grade average and put on probation.  But if you were able to stay within the ... you were ok.  The problem was I was not learning as much as I could be.  Once I graduated I realized the big mistake I had made when I began to work and did not have the skills I needed for the job.

My second time around at the University to get my teaching credential my attitude was totally different.  I studied to learn, not to get a good grade and ironically not only did I learn so much more, I also got a 4.0 grade average, straight A's (sobresalientes) all the way.  The final reward was when I started working and I was able to apply my knowledge to my teaching.

So if you have decided you want to study English, make a real commitment to learn as much as you can, so that not only will you get good grades, you will have the skills required to speak English fluently.
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Using Youtube to Improve Your English

One great way that I have found to improve your English Listening skills is to watch TV or Movies in English.  Theatres with Version Original movies in Madrid are not the norm as a matter of fact ironically there are not that many with all the interest there is in learning English you would think there would be more.  Considering all my students claim that countries that don't voice over their media speak a lot more English than Spain, yet when I assign them to watch at least :30 minutes in V.O. they moan and groan because the subtitles available are in Spanish.

So I tried to find other venues where my students could watch original version series with English subtitles.  I
found that many Youtube videos of American TV series have the option for subtitles, others have the text available and yet others are available with Closed Caption.  You have to be careful with the Closed Caption because sometimes the translation is way off, but a lot of them are pretty accurate.

Do a search for their favorite American series on Youtube like "Big Bang Theory with subtitles in English" the search will list some with the following: CC for Closed Captions, but others will have subtitles and not have the CC icon.  The other option some of these videos have is Interactive Transcript which has all the story text in a small window.

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