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English Writing: Comparisons with

Comparing with

The news conditions of employment in Spain.

The economic crisis live our country have worsened the conditions of employment. For example, now, a spanish licensed doesn´t earn as money as germany licensed. The same happen with the other workers. Also a spanish workers doesn´t find emply as fast as germany workers. Now, the spanish workers will work as many years as germany workers. In addition, the spanish´s bills are as expensive as germany´s bills. The result, the worker´s spanish doesn´t live as well as germany´s workers. 


            The ordinary broom is as expensive as the regular vacuum cleaner. I can buy an ordinary broom for a lot less money. It is very very expensive.
            The broom is as light as the ordinary broom.
            The vacuum cleaner is as durable as broom, but the broom don’t need electricity.
            The broom is as easy to use as vacuum cleaner; the broom don’t need instructions for use. The broom is something convenient for use in house of country.
            The vacuum cleaner is as fast as the broom.
            The vacuum cleaner is as moderm as broom.
            In all house has a vacuum cleaner and one or more broom.
            The broom is the great invention for the housewives!!.

My sister and me

Ainhoa is my sister. She isn´t as old as me, because she is 24 years old and I am 30. My hair isn´t as dark as hers, because I am blondie and she is brunette. Her eyes isn´t as clear as mine, she has brown eyes and I have blue eyes.
She is as tall as me . She hasn´t as many problems as me, because she is the youngest. 
Ainhoa is as happy as me because we are great sisters.

My favorite way to communicate is cell phones because you can to stay in communicate whit many people. In market I prefer brand´s apple  even it´s as expensive prizes as others companies because your cell phones was a warranty and if you need to change in this period Apple give you a other cell phones not  as others companies as .
The products of others brands aren´t as light as products of apple even the app or characteristics of apple are as much as their.
You can to see a lot of similar products but in my opinion not as beautiful in the design  as the Apple´s products in fact Cell phones.
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English Writing: Things Have Changed

Five years ago my bedroom used to be small, but now it´s bigger than that one because I change my room. My family used to move to other place, and now I live alone.  In the other side my friends used to go out of Spain, and this year they come back because they get a new job here in Spain. Five years ago I used to go to university, I studied economics and journalism. And now I´m looking for a work.  In the past I used to like comical movies and funny TV programs. In this time I like mystery movies because it´s more interesting. And finally five years ago I used to think that I live in Madrid, but now I think that I have to go out, maybe The United States.

In this moment my home used to is  in Madrid but when I was a teenager I lived in other city.
I used to  lived with my parents in the past but now I live with my husband
I have very lucky because My friends used to were when I need them even now.
Last year I used to worked in a production company but now I am looking for a job because in beginning of the year I lost my job.
When I was a teenager I used to liked a romantics films although now I like intrigue movies too.

My old customs.

There is credence that the old person have more rarities than young people.
In my case, it isn´t. When I was a little girl, I have many rarity. For example, I didn´t use to go up elevator of mi home. Now, I don´t use to go up stairs. Before, I always used to sit in the same place of sofa. Now, I use to sit in the place is free.
When I was young, I used to meet with my friends all afternoons. Now, we use to meet only the Saturdays. I used to go my work in subway, since some months I use to go my work in my car. Before, I didn´t use to see the films in English. Now, I used to see the films in her original lenguaje. There is some examples that the customs change with the step time, the people doesn´t change our customs by her age.
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English Writing-Cell Phones

I have a cell phone. I think it is very useful because you can use it for many things, make a call, send emails, searching in internet... But the most important is "Communicate".
You must use your cell phone politely, and never talk and drive!!!
For me, one problem is choose the right plan. More companies raise prices execissively, and you can pay less and do the same things with your cell phone.



I choose Apple. I have had an Iphone for the last two years. It´s a Iphone 4, it´s a good cell phone. You can use either Iphone or Android to call, answer the phone, send a text message, take photographs, etc… But the differences between one and the other are a lot. Iphones are more thin and light, it has a bigger touchscreen and the quality of its photos is better. In conclusion Iphones are smarter. By this reasons and similar reasons, millions of persons in the world have a Iphone. Apple sold five millions of Iphone 5 in the last year. When my Iphone will be broken, I´ll buy another again.

In my opinion the cell phones are very useful because in this moment the communication with our friends and familiars are constant. 
I have a cell phone and I need to use all the time, its a illness because I can´t be without my cell phone. It´s a new complement more in my accessories that my handbag 

Forever they need to  know that happened in all time, You can to upload a photo in your profile´s  Facebook  if you have a cell phone last generation and  in this moment all your friends can add a comment , it´s incredible the speed that I have in our days. 

In addition the cell phones to use for emergency in any time, if you need to call at 3 o ´ clock and you stand in a beach you can to call if you have a cell phone´s and you don´t need to look for a phone.

But the cell phone´s can be hazardous if you don´t use correctly, for example , if you go in your car and you receive a call you can to choose in answer the phone and to be in dangerous situation or you ignore this call and call back when you don´t to stay in your car. All information of your life that bank code, photos, contacts are in your cell phones  and if you lost it you lost secret information too.

I think that the cell phones are the invention of this century. Today the cell phones afford it to communicate all day and all sites. Now  you don’t need to be in house or in the office for to call by phone. You can call in the street, in one airport, in the sea…;when you have a problem in the car, in the street in the night…you ever can to call. When you work out the office you can solve the problems by phone. The same with the children, you can know  your children where are!.

But the cell phone are very cheap. The Telephone Companies charge much. To have a cell phone is not expensive.

Sometime talk on the cell phone no polite, because a Think wold be banned to talk in the train, plane, cinema. I think turn off the cell phone in all places with people dreams.  
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English Letter of Interest

A letter of interest, also known as a letter of inquiry or a cover letter, is used by a job applicant to show an employer their interest in the job. It usually accompanies the applicant's resume and application. The letter is written from the applicant directly to the employer with information that the employer may find useful about the applicant.
Here is a sample letter of Interest from for an entry level position.  If you want to write as someone who has more experience you can see some more samples here.
Your Email Address
Contact Name
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Mr./Ms. Contact,
Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I have recently graduated from University College and I am currently looking for a job in the Huntington area.
I am interested in an entry level position with ABCD Company. I have heard that ABCD is a wonderful company to work for and I hope that I can join the team.
If you have questions regarding my resume or any thing else about myself please feel free to call me or email me at
Again, thank you for reviewing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Your Name

Letter of Interest


DATE: April 14th 2013


Title: Miss

Company: Legalconsult
Address: Street Miguel Angel nº 6
City, State, Zip Code: Madrid, España, 28036

            Dear Mr. Mariano:

            I write this letter because I am very intereseting in your Company.

            I am a lawyer with experience. I like my job and I am able to work hard.

            I have computer skills and travel experience in other countries.

            I would like to have a very high salary because I have a lot of necessities.

            I like to work with other people.


Robinson Fernández
Television Group, S.A.
C/Estrada 10
Madrid 28056

Dear Mr Robinson first of all, thank you for count on me, and give me this opportunity. I know that your company need someone for editorial department. I´m interesting in this position, because I have recently graduated from University and I´m looking for a job. I studied journalism and economic, and I know that I´m qualified.

Your company is the best of Spain in journalism area, and for me it´s a pleasure work there. I´ll want to learn, and I know that I can doing very well. I´m hard-working, punctual, independent and perfectionist.  In the past I worked in some newspaper and in one radio. And now I would like to work in your television.

If you have any questions please free to call me or email me at

Again thank you for reviewing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Patricia C


Dear Mrs Hunter:

With referente to your advertisement, I am writinng to apply fot the position of spanish´s journalits.
I am 30 years old. I have studied the mayor of jourmalism. I completed my certificate in 2005, I´ve been woorking since then. I have more than ten years of experience in this career. Recently, I have studied a Master of Community Manager, too.
I have worked for the last six years in TV, specifically in Madrid TV, in the fields of writing and editing videos.
I consider myself to be punctual, hard-working and independt. I enjoy working as journalits and I would be excited to be able to work with you.
I enclose a reference from my present employer. I would be grafetul if you would consider my application. I am available any weekday moornig. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully, Cristina 

Dear Mr Robinson
Manager Human Resources
Torre Picasso
Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1
Madrid 28020

Dear Mr.Robinson,
Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. In this moment I am finishing the last course of majoring  in Human Resources but my experience it has gone another way, in fact  it based on the accounting department. In addition with the other information I have tittle in  a Comunity Manager of the Uned University too, and I have small knowledge in different languages as Germany, French and now I am studying English for to improve my current level
I had great experience in this area but in the recent years I have worked to having to take tasks of human resources, developing a detailed tasks assigned to each position report , etc..
Between my qualities they are organization, discretion, motivation, cooperation,effective,etc..
I looking for a steady job , although I could to assess other options
I am interested in an entry level position with GOOGLE COMPANY. I have heard that it  is a wonderful company to work for and I hope that I can join the team.
If you have questions regarding my resume or any thing else about myself please feel free to call me or email me at /Mobile Phone 6665556
Again, thank you for reviewing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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