English Writing: Things Have Changed

Five years ago my bedroom used to be small, but now it´s bigger than that one because I change my room. My family used to move to other place, and now I live alone.  In the other side my friends used to go out of Spain, and this year they come back because they get a new job here in Spain. Five years ago I used to go to university, I studied economics and journalism. And now I´m looking for a work.  In the past I used to like comical movies and funny TV programs. In this time I like mystery movies because it´s more interesting. And finally five years ago I used to think that I live in Madrid, but now I think that I have to go out, maybe The United States.

In this moment my home used to is  in Madrid but when I was a teenager I lived in other city.
I used to  lived with my parents in the past but now I live with my husband
I have very lucky because My friends used to were when I need them even now.
Last year I used to worked in a production company but now I am looking for a job because in beginning of the year I lost my job.
When I was a teenager I used to liked a romantics films although now I like intrigue movies too.

My old customs.

There is credence that the old person have more rarities than young people.
In my case, it isn´t. When I was a little girl, I have many rarity. For example, I didn´t use to go up elevator of mi home. Now, I don´t use to go up stairs. Before, I always used to sit in the same place of sofa. Now, I use to sit in the place is free.
When I was young, I used to meet with my friends all afternoons. Now, we use to meet only the Saturdays. I used to go my work in subway, since some months I use to go my work in my car. Before, I didn´t use to see the films in English. Now, I used to see the films in her original lenguaje. There is some examples that the customs change with the step time, the people doesn´t change our customs by her age.
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English Writing: Formal vs. Informal e-mails

Writing better e-mails:
Don't use informal language with people you don't know.
Use emoticons


Dear Amy,

Don't worry!!!. When you saw Blake after class he had just to hurry to take the bus. That's all. You know that he lives far away and there aren't so many buses going to his neighborhood. He must have been very busy with the exams lately.  
Be patient. Just wait that he calls you back!
We will talk tomorrow after class!!
See you soon :)


Second message:

To: amykarlson@wowmail.net           Subject:  Can you help me?

Dear Mrs. Karlson, 

In our advice column we receive and attend many messages from people like you who are requiring our help to improve the relationships in their couple. Our recommendation is to avoid sending so many messages and notes to your partners, because they could feel overwhelmed by it. Let them express openly their behavior respecting their own time.
You can contact us. Our specialized psychologist team will receive you, with pleasure, providing more personal suggestions to your case. 


Dr. Dating

Hey Amy,

I am sorry to hear this news, I think You should try to talk him other time. If he continues with this attitude, you must forget him. Perhaps He isn´t your
soulmate. He is very insensitive if he don´t want to talk with you one minute. There are a lot of interesting men in your class, perhaps if you talk with other
man he become jealous. Good luck!!


Dear Amy Karlson,

I read your email, I suggest you that You may not pressure some men, because there are a lot of men that They don´t react well to these ways. You should
take it easy these relationships and don´t fall head over heels. You should try to find some man similar you, Someone that are looking for a serious relationship.
I think if you follow my advices You probably find what you are searching.

Dr. Dating


Dear Mrs. Karlson,

Welcome to my column. My piece of advice to you is to calm down. At the beginning, couples usually have a good start because everything is new and both of you feel very excited. But after a few months, things sometimes can change. In that moment, if you see that things are not working out, you should give to your partner his own private space and so do you. Maybe, you should not push him trying to talk with him every second of the day. It is better to take things slowly and not to force them, because if he is your soulmate, sooner or later he will find out.


Dr. Dating.


Hi Amy!
I’m sorry you feel so bad. Probably Blake’s thinking about if he wants to go out with you or not, so you cannot miss any opportunity. First of all stop to call him. Second you must be as pretty as you can in every moment. And third try to look nice but not too interested on him. Wave him everyday with a smile, but you must be the “busy” person, the one who cannot stay since have a lot of things to do or persons to meet. He will call back soon. You’re going to see.

E-mail to Amy Karlson
From doctordating

Dear Amy
To find someone to love and to be loved by is not easy. At the beginning of a relationship everything seems to be special, but after a few time things change, defects comes out from both and the relationship stops to be as special as it seemed before. At that moment is time to analyse by everyone if the person and the relationship worth enough to fight for it. People usually need space and time to analyse such a thing and maybe so many notes, e-mails or calls makes feel the other part too pressed.
You should try to relax and enjoy each moment with your partner, without thinking in the future, and without pressure. If it doesn’t work maybe he’s not the right men for you.

Dr. Dating

Hey Amy,

Don´t think all men are like Blake. Sooner or later you´ll find the right one.;-)
I don’t think Blake deserve all your efforts to get close to him. Let him go! Perhaps when he realize you aren´t interested in him at all he would tried to get back to you.

Give him time! Don´t worry.

See ya!

E-mail to Amy Karlson

Dear Amy,

Have you ever think you ask too much of your partners from the beginning? Try to rise up your relationship together with the other person. Perhaps they have felt overwhelmed. You must let the relationship flow and you will see it will rise strong and healthy.



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also (adv.)
in addition
beat the odds (i.)
to overcome difficulty
but unlike
in opposition
devastated (v.)
destroyed; completely upset
emerged (v.)
came out
fled (v.)
ran away
like (v.)
resembling or similar
nevertheless (adv.)
despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)
retreated (v.)
went backward
though (adv.)
despite the fact that
whereas (adv.)
although on the contrary
wiped out (v.)
completely destroyed
back-up plan
an alternate way to carry out a project if something unexpected changes the first plan
come up with plan figure out invent create
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifabsolutely necessary
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifremove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifthink about something and decide if it is good or not
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifamount; limit; degree of something
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifget through
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifsurvive finish
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifsomething dangerous
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifput into effect; enforce; carry out
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifin a detailed and thorough way
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifput at risk; endanger
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifon hand
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifavailable close by
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.giftake into consideration
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifthink about; weigh the pros and cons
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifwalk through
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifpractice or rehearse for a situation
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifbe cut out for
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifhave the necessary skills or talent for
http://b.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifvery harmful and able to cause illness or death
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Technology Vocabulary

(V) to influence or change in some way
(N) something that most people have enough money to buy 
(N) a particular part of a town, a country, a region, or the world
(V) to use it up
(ADJ) something that is easy, useful, or suitable for a particular purpose
(ADJ) a product is designed to be thrown away after it has been used
(ADJ) strong and lasts a long time without breaking or becoming weaker
(N) the change that something causes
(N) where something happens or is situated
(ADJ) easily carried or moved
(ADJ) likely to work in a real situation
(N) to make not happen
(V) use again
(V) make it smaller
(ADJ) trusted to work well
(V) to cause something to return to a previous place or condition
(V) to change completely
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Used to in English

Used to is used to speak about situations that happened regularly in the past or that were true in the past but are not anymore.

I used to work for Intel, but I work for Apple now.

I used to buy my clothes at H&M
now I buy them at Zara.
We used to have coffee after class
now we have no time.

you use to park in the garage?
Yes, I did./No I didn’t.
your live in Paris?
Yes, I did./No I didn’t.

Used to Explanation
Game for Practice
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Present and Past Unreal Conditionals

Unreal conditionals are used to talk about situations that are improbable, imaginary, or past events that never occurred.

Second conditional is used to talk about situations in the future that have a probable or improbable chance of happening (10% chance).  For example if I say: If I would go to Rome, I could have an audience with the Pope.  There is a probability that I could go to Rome, but an audience with the Pope is highly improbable, but not impossible, it could happen.

Second Conditional


Result clause

past conditional
would + base form of the verb
I went to Rome
I would have an audience with the Pope.
I had a million dollar salary
I would buy a Mansion in New York.

You can also start with the result clause
Result clause

would + base form of the verb

past conditional
I would have an audience with the Pope.
I went to Rome
I would buy a Mansion in New York.
I had a million dollar salary

Third conditional is used to talk about situations in the past that have 0% probability of happening, because they depend on a condition in the past changing and that can't happen.

Third Conditional


Result clause

past perfect
would + past participle
I had gone to Rome
I would have had an audience with the Pope.
I had had a million dollar salary
I would have bought a Mansion in New York.

Result clause

would + past participle

past perfect
I would have had an audience with the Pope.
I had gone to Rome
I would have bought a Mansion in New York.
I had had a million dollar salary

Conditionals-English Club
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