Telecommunications Vocabulary

(ADJ) all right for them to do it
answer a phone
(V) to accept an incoming call
(ADJ) officially prevented from doing it
be on the phone
(V) the state of being in the middle of a conversation with someone on the phone
call back
(V) to contact someone through phone after they unsuccessfully tried to call you
check your messages
(V) to call your voicemail and listen to recorded messages that were left when you missed phone calls
(V) remove
get a call
(V) when someone tries to reach you through the phone
get a message
(V) to receive a oral note from someone when you missed their phone call
hang up the phone
(V) to end a phone conversation by setting the phone down
(V) pay no attention
leave a message
(V) to record a message on someone's answering machine
lower your voice
(V) to soften your speech to decrease its volume
make a call
(V) to dial a number on a phone in order to talk to someone else
(ADJ) has good manners and is not rude to other people
(V) react to something
(ADJ) impolite
screen your calls
(V) to not answer calls because you are avoiding someone or many people
(N) care only about themselves and not about other people
send a text
(V) to type a short message to another person with your cell phone
take a message
(V) to hear a message that's for meant for someone else with the intent of telling them at a later time
(ADJ) quiet and serious because you are thinking about something
turn off your phone
(V) to shut down your cellular device
turn up
(V) increase the amount
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