Teaching YLs with English Movies

Movies are a useful tool to learn English if you tie them to language activities.The students have been watching children's movies enhanced by many language activities.  This week the movie was "Goonies." They practiced some of the to go with our 80's theme.  They practiced some of the important vocabulary from the movie playing vocabulary games.  They also watched a trailer of the movie and made predictions about what they thought the movie would be about.

They watched the movie with English subtitles to support students with lower English levels.  During the movie they worked as a group to answer some simple questions that checked their understanding.  Finally the next day we shared what part of the movie they liked best.  Then they drew their favorite part of the movie and wrote a sentence to describe it.  The students had enjoyed "Goonies" so much that some asked to draw and write about more than one favorite part.

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