People in My Life and School Days Vocabulary

Concentration Game

(N) someone you have met, but don't know well
(V) if you attend an institution such as a school, college, or church, you go there regularly
close friends
(N) friends who are close to each other like each other very much and know each other very well
(N) someone that works at the same job, department, or company as you
(N) a person you work with, especially in a professional job
(V) when you go out with a person regularly because you are having a romantic relationship with them
get a bad grade
(V) to receive a low mark on an exam or assignment due to poor performance or skill
have practice
(V) to gather with your teammates to train and play games in order to prepare for competition
just friends
(PHRASE) a phrase usually relating to two people that are very close but do not share romantic feelings for one another
pass an exam
(V) to meet the minimum requirements or answer a certain amount of questions correctly for a test
take a class
(V) be enrolled in a course at a school or institute
take a lesson
(V) have instruction on how to do something
(N) someone who gives private lessons to one student or a very small group of students
(V) to help someone study
work together
(V) when you have to do something with another person

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