Statistics and Style Trends Vocabulary

almost(ADV) very nearly but not completely

average(N) the result that you get when you add two or more numbers together and divide the total by the number of numbers you added together

drop(V) quickly becomes less

half(N) one of two equal parts that together make up the whole

one half(N) one of two equal parts that together make up the whole

over(PREP) more than

percent(N) a fraction of an amount expressed as a particular number of hundredths

quarter(N) one of four equal parts of something

rise(N) an increase

thousands(QUAN) if you refer to thousands of things or people, you are emphasizing that there are very many of them

trend(N) a change or development toward something different

twice(ADV) when something happens two times

Style Trends
baggy(ADJ) when a piece of clothing hangs loosely on your body
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casual(ADJ) casual clothes are ones that you normally wear at home or on vacation, and not on formal occasions

conservative(ADJ) traditional, or liking the old ways

dramatic makeup(N) lipstick, eye shadow, and powder which some women put on their faces

in style(ADJ) popular or trendy

look(N) have a particular appearance or expression

piercing(N) jewelry that penetrates the flesh

pointy shoes(N) footwear that has parts that stick out sharply
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retro(ADJ) based on the styles of the past

ripped jeans(N) denim pants that have holes in them and are designed to look very worn intentionally
external image ripped-jeans-10.png?w=237

skinny jeans(N) denim pants that are very narrow in the leg

sloppy(ADJ) something that has been done in a careless and lazy way

sporty(ADJ) someone who is sporty likes playing sports
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