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Making an Impact Vocabulary

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(n.) people, usually outside of government, who actively promote a political party, philosophy, or issue they care about
(adj.) showing little or no emotion or animation
be aware of
(v.) know about
(n.) facts and conditions that affect a situation
(n.) someone who likes to fantasize and dream of a different or imaginary life
(n.) all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age
(n.) topics or problems under discussion
(adj.) very eager to do or achieve
(n.) a person with unusual powers of foresight
business as usual
Things are happening as they usually do, even though there is a reason why you might expect them not to happen normally
do your part
Contribute a fair amount of the work, share the responsibility for accomplishing something
hack into
Break into a computer system
public service announcements
(PSA) a message created to educate people about an issue
raise awareness
To help people know that something exists and is important
The method or process of solving a problem.
speak out against
To state or show publicly that you oppose something.
think outside the box
To think of new, different, or unusual ways of doing something, especially in business
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