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The Past Simple vs. the Present Perfect

Understanding the differences between the Present Perfect and the Simple Past can be confusing.  Here are the notes from the class and some links that can help you understand it.  I am also adding some exercises that you may try to test your understanding.

We use the Present Perfect (have been / have played / have done, etc.) when we talk about a time from the past until now - for example your life: Have you been to France? (in your life) No, I haven't. (Source: Basic Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy)

Present Perfect
Past Simple
Time Period
I have been to the theatre three times this week.

 This week has not finished yet.
I went to the theatre last week.

Last week is finished.
New or Old Information
Maria had a broken arm again.
Maria broke her arm last month.
Specific or Non-specific
I have been to Paris already.
I went to Paris two months ago.
Action Finished (´for´ o r ´since`)
I had lived in California for ten years.
I lived in California for ten years.

Online Sources for more information:
Use of Present Perfect


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